Welcome to Studio B Productions

Studio B is a new media production studio based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We specialize in podcast production for professionals and hobbyists alike.


What is ‘New Media’?

New media has become a buzzword to describe content produced primarily for online distribution and consumption.  News websites, videos, podcasts, blogs and even video games are all examples of new media.  It is on demand content that is convenient, fast and available to nearly anyone in the world.  That accessibility is a major reason new media has so easily blended in with our every day lives.  Remember the ritual of renting a movie?  You would get in your car, drive to the video store and hope that the good movies weren’t rented out already.  Then when you were finished with the video you were reminded to “be kind, rewind” (oh the joys of the speed rewinding machines!).  Now you simply press a button on your television remote and you have access to thousands of great movies – and you never have to ask the store clerk to check in the recently returned pile.


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